Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Brightening Collection of Skincare.

The Japanese are ahead of the game when it comes to radiant skin and brightening formula through skincare. This brand has been 18 years and running and as I do they believe in health in fitness and diet as well as skincare for supplementing. Bright, clear skin is important in Japanese heritage and still to this day is prized.. 

Affordable products that work!

Most dermatologist will tell you to protect your skin with SPF.. So it is only natural I highlight this amazing product if you wish to really take care of your skin.

Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 36
29ml $30.00 (USD)
SPF and Makeup Primer enhanced with brightening ingredients.
This will leave a flawless finish whilst protecting you from the UV rays.. to use all year round.
Shake well before applying.. and don't forget to reapply every 2 hours for safe protection.

Another favorite.. 
Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector
30g $125.00 (USD)
Not cheap.. but a little goes a long way.
If you are suffering with hyper pigmentation and dark discoloration this is the product for you.
Use daily and see results in as little as 4 months. 
2/3 drops morning and night for best results.

make sure to check out the whole brightening range online..

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